About Us

Mission Statement

The legend of n00dbeaver Studios is a vast and glorious one but to put it short, n00d is slang for "raw" or "nude" and is representative of the company's desire to remove unwanted bloat from the end users' projects and to provide a solid foundation for the framework that's solving the specific task at hand, from components, through to templates, and tools.

n00dbeaver Studios is based in Australia and founded by db, which should look like a familiar sight within the company name and resides between sprit animal, the beaver, whom helps people understand the dynamics of teamwork, and to appreciate each individual's talents and contributions in order to accomplish anything! The beaver represents the builder of the mind, body, and soul, and symbolises creativity, creation, cooperation, persistence, and harmony!

Put this all together and you're left with a condensed easy to remember household name; n00dbeaver Studios.

So let us bore you no longer; check out the freebies and get your feet wet - we like to look after our customers, so when you're ready join the n00dClub today to take advantage of VIP membership such as one-on-one Discord and email support, github repository access for your product, and more!

Happy developing!